RadioHead Packet Radio library for embedded microprocessors

Easy integration of packet radios into your product

RadioHead provides a complete object-oriented library for sending and receiving packetized messages via a variety of common data radios and other transports on a range of embedded microprocessors. It provides a common API library to a wide range of miniature data radios, as well as classes for managing reliable and unreliable delivery of messages.

Wide radio and processor support

RadioHead is frequently updated to add support for new radios and currently support drivers for:

  • RF22
  • RF24
  • RF69
  • NRF24
  • NRF905
  • NRF51
  • RF95
  • SX1276/77/78/79
  • MRF89
  • CC110
  • Cheap ASK radios

Also supports a wide range of processors, including:

  • Arduino
  • Maple and Flymaple
  • Teensy
  • Particle Photon
  • ATtiny
  • nRF51 compatible Arm chips
  • Adafruit Feather
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Linux and OSX
  • MSP430
  • Generic AVR 8 bit processors

Range of data managers

RadioHead includes a library of Managers to provide high level message sending and receiving facilities for a range of different requirements, including:

  • Unreliable Datagrams (including broadcasts)
  • Reliable Datagrams
  • Routed networks
  • Autodicovered mesh networks



  • Time-Saving

    Quickly integrate any of a wide selection of packet data radios into your product

  • Cost Effective

    Cut development costs with a proven library

  • Active community

    An active community of developers is at


  • C++

    A fully subclassable source code library
  • Common radio API

    The same API is used to access every type of radio and transport.
  • flexible addressing

    Broadcast and individual node addressing is supported
  • Wide range of radios supported

    Many common data radios suported
  • Wide range of processors supported

    Many common processors and architectures supported
  • data managers

    Managers for a range of reliability and routing requirements
  • Services

    Support and professional services are available. Contact




Application License

  • Perpetual license

  • 1 application

  • Can distribute binary products only

  • Commercial use

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